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Merger and Acquisitions: The Path Businesses take to Achieve Exponential Growth

Mergers and acquisitions are a global business strategy that enables firms to enter into new potential markets or to a new business area. The main objective of every organization is to get maximum profit every year to increase the wealth of shareholders by giving them high dividends.  Every organization adopts different techniques and tools to maximize its profit and can be able to survive in the fast growing market. There exists certain event for which every organization has to respond spontaneously in  order to  get maximum  gains  like  entering  into  new markets,  launching  new  products, increasing portfolio etc.

The decision to invest in a new asset would mean internal expansion for the firm. The new asset would generate returns raising the value of the corporation. Mergers offer an additional means of expansion, which is external, i.e. the productive operation is not within the corporation itself. For firms with limited investment opportunities, mergers can provide new areas for expansion. In addition to this benefit, the combination of two or more firms can offer several other advantages to each of the corporations such as operating economies, risk reduction and tax advantage.

Today mergers, acquisitions and other types of strategic alliances are on the agenda of most industrial groups intending to have an edge over competitors. Stress is now being made on the larger and bigger conglomerates to avail the economies of scale and diversification. Different companies in India are expanding by merger etc. In fact, there has emerged a phenomenon called merger wave. The  terms  merger,  amalgamations,  take-over  and acquisitions  are  often  used  interchangeably  to  refer  to  a situation  where  two  or  more  firms  come  together  and combine into one to avail the benefits  of such combinations and  re-structuring  in  the  form  of  merger  etc.,  to  face  the challenge of increasing  competition  and to achieve  synergy in  business  operations.
To bring out such extraordinary mergers and acquisitions that are making massive changes in the peoples’ lives, we have come up with this interesting issue titled, “The 10 Highly Trusted Merger & Acquisition Consulting Firms in 2018” 

In this issue, we have featured Oakcapita Advisory LLP is a boutique middle market M&A advisory firm headquartered in India. It strives to provide a broad spectrum of strategic M&A solutions in due diligence, capital raising, equity offerings, debt issuances, and derivatives. PDS Legal is a full service law firm with offices in Mumbai and New Delhi. Recognized for its industry focus, the firm has a strong presence across all the key industry sectors including financial institutions, energy, infrastructure, aviation, manufacturing, technology and innovation.
Veritas Legal, a Mumbai based law firm has successfully carved a niche for itself. Established in 2015, the Firm is known for agile thinking, pro-activeness and commitment to clients.

We have also taken an Interview with Insights Success, Rajiv K Luthra is the Founder and Managing Partner of L&L Partners highlighting the influences made by his company to take Luthra & Luthra Law Offices to a new level and AZB & Partners, providing reliable, practical and full-service sadvice to clients. The firm is considered an M&A powerhouse and a one-stop shop which provides clients, services across all major practice areas. The firm is considered one of the top 2 law firms in India.

We have article How Legal Service Providers are transforming Corporate Legal Departments wriitern by Jaspreet Kaur, Vice- President of Mind Merchant

Our in-house editors have also written article on Reshaping Startup India with M&A
Source :-The 10 Highly Trusted Merger & Acquisition Consulting Firms in 2018

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Merger and Acquisitions: The Path Businesses take to Achieve Exponential Growth

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